A united front...

The Canadian Armed Forces is in certain need of young Canadians to fill their depleted ranks.


While we support their recruitment efforts, the UCAFP is determined to ensure a fair, equitable and safe work environment as far as military operations permit.


Join the UCAFP today and become a part of our united front representing your CAF!

For a better tomorrow...

We can't do this alone. To improve conditions of work and benefits for your CAF, we need you!

At present, as the UCAFP is a Federal Not-for-Profit agency, we are seeking volunteer executive members!

Do you want to join a team of dedicated union leadership to improve the conditions for your CAF members today?


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Developing the future of the CAF...

Many people can find the concept of a labour union disconcerting.


It is critical to understand that the UCAFP respects and enshrines the ethos and values of the CAF in their daily operations.

See the "About Us" section for more information on our mandate, board composition and current issues.

Securing Canada into the future...


Our interests are your interests. We are a Canadian driven organization seeking to support the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces.


The UCAFP are not an organization mandated for strike action. Our role is to support and advocate for those serving members.


Improving access to quality healthcare, increasing benefits to align with the Canadian economy and ensuring a safe and healthy workplace are among our top priorities.