How to Keep Your Home Safe While Travelling


Travelling is the one time we can escape from the harsh realities of work, relationships and even family matters. It’s the regeneration of our spirits that catapult us to another year of misses and hopefully, successes. But when travelling, we can sometimes get stressed, too, because we tend to concern ourselves about the safety of the homes we left.

That’s the last thing you want when you’re travelling—worry about home. What you want to do is enjoy the sun (or snow) and the perks of travelling and rejuvenating your soul.

In that case, here are some tips to ensure your home is safe while you’re out in the beaches of Ibiza or traversing with the wilds in Africa.

Get a house sitter

The best thing you can do for your home while you’re away is to hire a house sitter. Basically, it’s like leaving your baby to a, well, babysitter. Having someone in your house will likely keep burglars away. I mean, why would they try to target a house with someone in it? It would also keep you updated about what’s wrong in your home while you’re away. If there’s a busted pipe, the house sitter can call someone to fix it, so you wouldn’t come home to a flooded house.

And when you have a house sitter, you are also assured that your house is being maintained. The house sitter will keep it clean and if you have a pet, he/she can also take care of it.

When choosing a house sitter, make sure you’re picking among your friends and family. You have to be able to trust him/her because you’ll be leaving your home—the safest, but most vulnerable, aspect of your material life. Also, he/she has to be responsible. Your friend or family member may mean well, but he/she can forget to lock the doors or walk your dog.


Look for an emergency captain

If you can’t get a house sitter, you can ask your neighbor instead to be your emergency captain. Basically, the emergency captain will call you if something occurs in your house or your neighborhood. You have to tell your emergency captain when are you leaving and when are you coming back, as well as leave her all the contact information he/she needs.

Check your email daily

If you don’t plan to bring your local line abroad and have roaming charges hound you when you get back, then you should at least have access to your email through your hotel Internet. Since you left your contact details to your house sitter or emergency captain, he/she should be able to contact you anytime. Make sure to leave the hotel address and number, so someone else can take a message for you. This is especially important if you’re travelling to areas with filters such as China and Tunisia.

Stop the mail

If you don’t have a house sitter, better go to the post office and tell them to stop delivering your mail to the house. Imagine having a pile of mail on your front porch. It literally invites burglar to enter your house and steal even your personal information. This may sound like a complete hassle to you, but believe me it’s worth it in the end. You can ask the post office to hold the mail for you, so you can pick them up once you arrived home.

Have a light timer

Don’t leave your home in the dark. Have a light timer installed, so that it pops open when it’s dark and turns off during the morning. It will make it seem like nothing’s amiss in your home and someone’s still there looking over it.

Change the primary contacts in your alarm system

If you have a home alarm system, you have to change the primary contacts from you to a trusted family member. So, when something happens in your home, these are the persons the alarm system will notify first before dispatching the police. They will be able to handle the situation more efficiently, and they can contact you through means available to them.


Don’t share your photos while away

It can be tempting to share your vacation photos, but remember that this would only show the whole social media world that no one’s in your house and it’s free for the taking. Resist the urge to post photos, and instead wait until you get home.

So there, these are just some of the small tips we can share about keeping your safe home while you’re away. There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing you’re coming home to a secure and happy home.

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