Security Systems: Does It Really Work?


It is easy to fend off burglars and thieves when you have security system installed in your home. So yes, the short answer to the title’s question is that studies have shown homes with security systems are less likely to get targeted than those who do not.

According to three different studies by two universities and the National Institute of Justice, burglars and thieves are less likely to target homes with visible security systems symbolized by cameras, lighting and stickers or signs. Each study was conducted in different places and time, but the results are similar.

The study of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte asked 400 burglars about their motives and methods. About 80 percent said they would first try to determine if a security system is in place before targeting a specific home. About 60 percent said they would move on to another target if the original one has security system.

On the other hand, the four-year study by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice in New Jersey showed that not only are security systems protecting the homes where they are installed, but they are also protecting the homes of the neighbors without visible security system. Having several homes with security systems in a particular area deterred burglars from that area altogether.

Homes are better protected when they have visible security systems such as security cameras, outdoor or motion-sensor lights, alarms, and stickers advertising the presence of a security system.


It is highly important to invest in security cameras since most thieves and burglars prevent homes where cameras were installed. The cost of installing these is no competition to the cost of unsolved crimes. You’re not only protecting and securing your homes if you’ve got cameras installed, but you’re essentially helping the police do their jobs. It’s a win-win situation.

Not all cameras are created equal, however, so you should remember these helpful tips when choosing a surveillance camera:

• Quality – a high quality camera is more useful to identifying faces, plate numbers, etc.
• Night vision – most crimes happen during the night. If your camera has no night vision function, it is essentially useless to the police.
• Motion detection – instead of recording footage all-day long, you can get a motion-sensor cameras which only start recording when it detects a movement.
• Placement – position your cameras in the entrance of your homes, as well as high-traffic areas such as hallways and walkways.

No one wants to be victimized by criminals, so having a security system is one way to protect yourself, your family and your home. There is a lot of technology today that can help you do so. Security might be more expensive now, but there are sure-fire ways to protect yourself from these criminals too.

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