Things to Check During Winter Power Outage


Power outage is more difficult to survive during the winter season. The heavy snow and cold wind are enough to freeze you to death. Without the heating system, you’ll feel like you’re basically living in Antarctica. That’s why it is always better to be prepared for any such eventualities.

Here are some tips to ensure you and your family are well prepared for power outage during winter:


Check what you already have

What are the immediate needs during a power outage? Lights, of course!!! The first thing we look for during a power outage is the source of light. Make sure you have enough flashlights in your household. It is suggested that there should be one flashlight per person. You may also want to stock on some lanterns and batteries for these, of course.

Not only that, you should also have candles and matches. Remember that power outages do not last mere minutes or hours. At times, they can last for days and even weeks. In this case, having many batteries won’t matter. You’ll run out in no time. Candles and matches will help you in this scenario.

Also, make sure these are stored in easy-to-find places. Don’t put them in the attic or in the basement. Store them in locations you’ll easily have access to once a power outage happens.

Store food for emergency

The second priority during a power outage is food. You have to make sure you have enough food for the household. You can store canned goods, biscuits and other prepared meals that don’t need an oven or a stove.

You should also have as much water as you can during a power outage as the heat or cold can easily dehydrate us. The suggestion is to have one gallon of water per person and at least two weeks worth of canned goods.

Comfort is the key

Now that you have lights and food, the next thing to worry about is keeping yourselves warm during a winter power outage. Make sure to have extra blankets, sweatshirts and sweaters available at hand. You may also invest in some rechargeable heating pads, although these can be useful only for a short period of time.

First aid is for winners

Another priority for you to have is a first aid and emergency preparedness kit. You want to have antibiotics, betadine, bandages and other medicines there. If you or other members of the family has a specific illness that needs to be addressed, you should also have all medicines pertaining to that in your first aid kit.


Ready your home

On top of everything else, you should not only ready yourself and your family for a winter power outage. Your home should also be ready. For example, if you have an automatic garage door, make sure you know how to operate it manually. Your vehicles must also have its gas tanks full since in power outages, many gas stations have their electric pumps out of commission.

If your home has an alarm security system, this should be backed up by batteries. The last thing you want to be concerned about during a power outage is the safety of your family.

Last but not the least, you should have devices that allows access to media and provides a communication portal for you to the outside world. You should immediately check the news for government announcements, as well as for tips on how to survive a power outage or the heavy blast of the winter season.

If there is a storm, you want to know if there are evacuation procedures and how to go about it.

When you’re prepared for a power outage, nothing can rattle your bones. Although it is still uncomfortable, it will be manageable for you. That way, you’ll be more confident about the safety and security of your family.

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