Tips To Preventing Garage Door Break Ins


Garage doors are normally a weak point in our home security system. Burglars and criminals often use the garage door to enter an unsuspecting home. It can also act as protection for them since a parked truck in the garage is no cause of concern for your neighbors as you can simply be hauling your things.

The garage door is especially vulnerable if it’s automatic and you just leave your remote unattended. Your locks and passwords can be switched simply without you knowing. Sometimes, it is still better to do it the old fashioned way—with locks and bolts.

10 tips to secure your garage doors

1. Don’t leave your garage door remote inside your vehicle. If a thief gets hold of your remote, he/she would have access to your homes.
2. Invest in a keychain for your remote. Stop putting the remote in your visor because there’s a bigger chance you’ll leave it there. Put it along with your car and house keys, and secure them in your pocket or bag.
3. Make sure your garage door emergency release is secured.
4. Use a deadbolt for the door between your house and your garage. If a thief is able to enter your garage, chances are he’ll be able to take your car and some useless items in your garage. But if he’s able to enter your house, he’s going to put your family’s life to danger.
5. The door from your garage to your house should be made of sturdy materials such as solid-core wood or reinforced steel. You can also install an Anti-Kick device like Door Devil.
6. Don’t leave your garage doors open. Some people, especially those living in “safe neighborhoods,” feel it is okay to leave their garage doors open because there’s a locked door anyway to their house. Do not ever be complacent enough to do this.
7. Install a peephole on the door between your house and garage. That way, when you hear a strange noise, you don’t have to open the door to find out what’s going on in your garage.
8. Frost or cover your garage windows. Don’t let thieves see inside your garage. It will give them an idea if you’re home or not.
9. Put in manual locks in your garage doors. As mentioned above, it is still important to install deadbolts in your garage doors. This will add security to your homes.
10. Don’t forget regular maintenance and check up for your garage doors. This will ensure that there are no broken bolts or locks, and that the mechanical features are working just right.

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